about foodious
(For some background about foodious and the opportunity ahead, read this blog post: Why Did I Build foodious?)
foodious is a website for people who like to discover new recipes and to personalize them to meet specific dietary goals.
foodious helps you find, plan, and shop for meals with a simple drag & drop calendar and an innovative and powerful shopping list.
foodious is a place for you to learn what is in the food that you prepare in your own home and to see a nutritional breakdown of your recipes.
foodious is a data engine for recipes and can compute the calories, fat, protein, (etc) and show which ingredients contribute how much of each.
foodious is a rich, dynamic search engine that can filter recipes by diet (e.g.: vegan, pescatarian, etc), meal type, group (e.g.: "featured", "liked", "mine"), and also by nutritional content (e.g.: "contains at least 20g of protein" and/or "contains no more than 400 calories/serving").
foodious shows how thinking about food changes over time, thereby giving insight into how people with different/varying nutritional goals have extended and evolved a given recipe over time.
foodious is a food discovery platform showing ingredient substitutions, recipe descendants, and related recipes, along with the diet and nutritional goals for each individual user.
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