The iOS App Just Got A Quick Upgrade
Thu, May 24th

I pushed an upgrade to the iOS app (to v1.1).

You can get the app by searching for the word "foodious" at the app store or by following this link.

Here's the What's New description from the app store:

Shake your phone for personalized recipe suggestions based on your profile settings. When you shake your phone, foodious will score each recipe based on your profile settings (e.g.: nutritional goals, nutritional concerns, favorite foods, and allergies) and show you the recipes with the top scores. The recipes that most meet your goals have the highest score, those that contain allergens are removed from the list. This is a quick and easy way to get recipe ideas anytime and any place (including the aisle of the grocery store 15 minutes before dinner). You can also configure this feature to examine either all recipes or just your favorite recipes, as well as what meal types to return. For example, you could have foodious score all of your favorite recipes and only return lunch, dinner, main dishes, and sides. Or you could have foodious score every recipe and only return appetizers, soups, and salads.

This feature is designed to work in conjunction with the foodious website (


PS: If you can spot the bug in the 1.1 release I'll buy you a cookie.

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