The iOS App Is Finally Here
Sat, May 19th

Keep in mind this is just a v1.0 and that I have plans to migrate features from the site to the app over time. I think for quick recipe search/discovery, the app does a great job.

You can get the app by searching for the word "foodious" at the app store or by following this link.

Here's the app description from the app store:

foodious is a unique and powerful recipe and nutrition application that allows you to discovery recipes that best fit your lifestyle.

whether you're trying to avoid allergens, have specific nutritional goals, or are following a specific diet, foodious has rich ingredient classification data that allows for very specific discovery of the recipes that meet your goals.
each ingredient is classified as to whether it's one of the major allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, etc), as well as whether it's paleo, vegan, vegetarian (etc). this ingredient data is rolled up into recipes to determine the overall characteristics of the recipe itself. each ingredient is also linked to it's nutritional data, so foodious can display which ingredient is contributing to the nutrition of the recipe (calories, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, sodium, etc) and how much.
foodious will also suggest related recipes, which are discovered by comparing each ingredient in the recipe (and the diets it conforms to) to the ingredients in other recipes and thereby discovering recipes that share similar ingredients as well as diets.
foodious will also present recipe variations when possible, which can be used to modify a given recipe and make it gluten-free, or low-sodium, or shellfish free (etc).
what makes foodious different is that the recipe and ingredient data is both rich, dynamic, and highly normalized, so foodious treats recipes and ingredients as data, all of which makes foodious a very powerful recipe and nutrition discovery application.
this app is designed to work with the foodious website (, which is the data provider for the the app itself.

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