A Key Recipe Milestone
Fri, May 18th

Over the past several months, we've been busy over here at foodious HQ building out the core recipe and ingredient data.

It's not just recipes that need to be entered (entering recipes is just the beginning). Once a recipe is entered, a number of workflow queues are populated, e.g.:

  • The recipe itself is marked as "Needs Review" so it can be properly classified, mis-spellings corrected, etc.
  • The recipe images are marked as needing review, mostly to maintain good overall image quality.
  • Each ingredient, if new, is marked as "Needs Review", whereupon the ingredient is normalized and classified.
  • Each ingredient, if it doesn't have any nutritional data, it queued up so this data can be mapped.
  • Each ingredient, if it's measurement in a given recipe is unable to be mapped (mathematically) to it's referenced nutritional data, this ingredient is marked as "Needs Conversion".

The milestone we recently reached is to have 1,200 recipes with fully normalized, classified, mapped, and converted ingredients.

I'm writing about this because while the workflow engine underneath foodious is transparent to people who use the site (as it should be), it's worth pointing out that the recipes are ingredients are part of a big data engine that allows for data entry, review, correction, modification, and publishing.

Some other interesting numbers:

  • Total Recipes: 1,298
  • Total Recipe Ingredients: 11,718
  • Total Recipe Images: 1,279
  • Total Recipe Steps: 11,620
  • Total Recipe Notes: 474
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