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Tue, Jan 31st
If you've just found foodious, welcome! (There's a lot to see). Below are some links to some search results, recipe, and ingredient pages, as well as the three most important pages on the site. I'll endeavor to cover each of those three pages in their own blog post (they're all non-trivial in terms of what they do).
My Favorite Recipes

The two recipes that i think best demonstrate the power of foodious are directly below. Note that these use "Dependent Recipes" and "Pairs With Recipes" to show how recipes can be combined as distinct entities (children "pointed to" by a parent, and then included in the nutritional calculations and on the list of items for shopping).

Note how the pepperoni meatballs recipe only has a single ingredient (spaghetti). This rest of the ingredients (and preparation steps) are pointers to two Dependent Recipes.

Recipes By Type
  • There are a bunch of vegan recipes here.
  • There are a bunch of asian recipes here.
  • Here's a search for all recipes containing ginger.
Specific Recipes
Specific Ingredients
Your Profile

You can find your profile here. It's also an icon in the top nav. Your profile is where you can specify your nutritional goals, gender, timezone, and target daily calorie intake.

Your Calendar

You can find your calendar here. It's also an icon in the top nav. Your calendar is where you can add recipes (via search, or "Suggest Recipes", or via a search of your own calendar history) and then view the accompanying nutritional charts.

Your Shopping List

You can find your shopping list here. It's also an icon in the top nav. Your shopping list will list items grouped by section (e.g.: "fruits", "meat", dairy", etc) and also allows you to easily add ad hoc items.

Mobile vs. Non-Mobile

The site should behave well on a mobile device, as well as on a desktop, If you'd like to toggle the site's mode ("mobile" vs "not-mobile") use the button in the footer. This will cause the desktop version of the site to be served on your mobile device or the mobile version of the site to be served on your desktop. You can easily toggle back.

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